Lawn irrigation costs are an important part of the process of choosing the right system to keep your grass in perfect state.

It’s hard to enjoy the summer when your lawn constantly grows. To some, caring for a lawn is a time-consuming and annoying task that eats up free time on the weekend.

The home with a lush, green lawn has more curb appeal. It is also cooler, and the air around the home typically contains more oxygen. Americans love their lawns and spend billions per year maintaining them.

Having a lawn sprinkler for your lawn is a must. Lawn sprinklers are very useful, but if installed incorrectly, will cause the usual maintenance pain. However, if you wish to buy durable and reliable lawn sprinkler systems, you can always compare the different varieties available while shopping. 

Don’t let your lawn irrigation costs go overboard by hidden surprises, to make your work simpler, here are a few pointers to help you estimate the cost of a lawn sprinkler system.

Lawn irrigation cost factors

Size of the lawn

Automatic lawn sprinklers are very popular, as they make watering the lawn easier. The lawn irrigation costs of your lawn sprinkler will depend on several factors, like the size of your lawn and the area to be watered.

An average quarter acre lot has about 7,500 square feet of lawn and shrubbery that would need to be irrigated. Expect to pay $0.31/sqft to $0.80/sqft for a large area sprinkler system using pop-up impact irrigation heads. Covering between 200 square feet and 300 square feet per head.

Number of zones to water

Another factor that determines the price is the number of zones required to maintain the yard. The average price of installing each zone is approximately $400. 

The larger the area that needs to be watered, the more trenches will be dug, the more pipes laid, and the more heads used. 

Pop-up impact irrigation heads cover between 200 square feet and 300 square feet per head. For a simple average-sized yard area, you would install as many lawn zones as needed and a shrubbery zone. 

You may need to separate sunny and shaded areas for both the lawn and plant areas for maximum efficiency.

Sprinkler System Parts

Depending on the brand of pipes, heads, controllers, and timers your project final cost may fluctuate some. Expect all the parts to install your sprinkler system to cost $700 – $900 depending on your lawn size.

Cheaper components are always an option, but likely will need repair sooner than quality parts and potentially end up being a more expensive path down the road.

Type of soil

An additional cost for hard soil including digging shelf, rock field, hardpan is $0.40 per linear foot.

If the installation is to take place in an area that typically experiences significant freezing each year, there would be an additional cost to construct a system to operate in that environment.

Landscaping Design

A range of design features and the type of landscaping installed will place unique demands at different locations. 

Having a significant grouping of very thirsty shrubs in the farthest corner of the yard from the house is different from only needing to reach grass at the same distance.

Permits (may not be required)

When a homeowner is adding a new sprinkler system that will remain permanently connected to a water supply to a residential lot. It is typical in most states that building permits will need to be applied for. 

The average fees are approximately $200. In addition, if you live in a neighborhood under the authority of a homeowner’s association, check with them to make sure there are no restrictions or regulations.

Finding the right installation professional for your sprinkler is a critical component for the success of your project, and your investment. 

Selecting Your Sprinkler Company

At J&J Services we are a team who have the experience to know what your lawn irrigation system needs.

We give a detailed, easy-to-understand proposal with itemized costs that include setup and cleanup. Contact us today to get a free estimate and get your new irrigation system installed now!