Maintaining a lush and green lawn is best and easiest by choosing the right lawn sprinkler system. 

Did you know that landscape irrigation is accountable for almost one-third of residential water use and equals more than 7 billion gallons per day?

Choosing the right lawn sprinkler is one of the most important decisions you can make if you want a healthy lawn without wasting water. Not only do they provide you with the convenience of watering your lawn automatically, they also ensure that your turf gets the optimal irrigation it needs. 

Choose the right lawn sprinkler system

The perfect plush grass that you want to roll around in, isn’t always easy to have. An average sized garden can take at least an hour out of a person’s day, simply spent holding a hose to water a relatively small area. 

Choosing the right lawn sprinklers can help you get the perfect lawn you want because proper watering is key to the perfect yard. Your most important asset is time and you will save a ton when you get your own automated sprinkler system.

Keep in mind that when choosing the perfect sprinkler for you, the area you will be watering will make an impact on your final decision.

Some things you should consider

When deciding which sprinkler system to choose, check the capacity of the system to meet your landscaping needs. You also want to figure out the type of soil that you have. Always choose a system that will be right for that specific soil type. Different sprinkler systems are ideal for certain types of soil.

You should also consider the water supply available as certain systems might need more water than others. Our team can help you analyze which kind of sprinkler system will suit your lawn and soil best and reap you the most benefits every time.

Most common sprinkler systems

Spray irrigation system

This is the most common type of lawn sprinkler system. As the name suggests, water is sprayed directly over the lawn. This is great for a smaller area that needs plenty of water in a short amount of time. 

Long tubes are embedded in the lawn, and are attached to a water source. Water will then shoot out of the tubes using sprayers. These systems are best for flat ground and absorbent soil. They can be controlled by an electric device, making operation easier and more flexible.

If your lawn isn’t too large then the spray system might be the best choice in your case.

Drip irrigation system

This system is used for specific plants and sections. This type of irrigation is less common because it appears to be more complicated. Tubes with holes are buried under the turf. Holes are situated at set distances that are set specifically for the area where they will provide irrigation.

Unlike the spray system, water isn’t sprayed into the air, but it lets water drip straight into the soil and near the roots. This helps provide direct contact, hence the name.

Rotor Head irrigation system

This type of sprinkler system is perfect to cover large areas. The average system sprays less than an inch per hour, this gives the soil enough time to absorb the water. If your lawn is large this might be the best option in your case.

Learn to use your sprinkler system

After you’ve got your perfect lawn sprinklers, it’s time to use them. There are plenty of benefits to using lawn sprinklers, but there are some tips and tricks you can use to make sure you get the most out of them. 

Water in the morning

At earlier times, temperatures are still low and breezes are relatively calm, resulting in minimal evaporation and more water for your plants. Watering in the morning also helps keep the lawn fresh; the water helps keep the grass cool as the day gets hotter, putting less stress on your grass overall.

Water deeply

Check your soil to find out how absorbent it is and find out if it’s getting enough water. The screwdriver test is a simple way to find out.

After watering the lawn, take a screwdriver and see if it can penetrate around 15 centimetres into the soil. About 15 centimetres is the depth of a healthy grass root system, so that’s a good way of estimating if you’re watering deeply enough. 

Perform regular maintenance 

As with other things, it’s a good idea to give your sprinklers regular maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency. These can point to problems with the sprinkler system. 

Regular maintenance helps you keep your lawn sprinkler system in good working order and keeps it running efficiently.

Avoid overwatering

Too much water can result in runoff instead of providing ample water for the plants. Rather than water a little every day, water thoroughly every three days instead. Less frequent watering encourages the roots to reach further down for more water, making them more stable in the long-term.

Time to Choose

If you want an expert in the world of sprinkler systems then contact us to have one of our highly trained professionals come out and give you the most efficient system for your home. Our goal is for you to keep an attractive green lawn in your home.

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